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Backyard Theater
"You provide the DVD of Choice"

8 foot wide  "96 in" inflatable Total  Product Dimentions: 9'x8'x5'

144" diagonal, 125" x 70 flat screen (non inflatable)

1) $250+tax for up to 4 hours for the Projector,DVD machine,  Inflatable Screen, Loud Speakers

2) $150+tax for just the Screen, and Speakers. You provide the projector, DVD player etc.

3) $310+tax + "Movie package",  #1 package, with popcorn machine catering, and supplies. *Price depends on party size.

For larger than backyard events

Use 400 Watt Speakers for deeper sound.

Will deliver, setup, test and stay with movie equipment to ensure functionality ($20 attendant fee waived)

Will bring 2 ea. 6oz popcorn machines for the movie package if selected, and will operate both if demand warrants ($75 fee for extra machine waived).
Will bring popcorn, butter, salt packages, and cater popcorn, for the duration of the movie

Up to 2 attendants will man the machines ($20 for extra attendant waived)

Will deliver and setup 1 six foot table for popcorn machines ($10 table fee waived)

Semi-Pro Movie screen that is air sealed. It does not require a running blower (Quiet for your movie). Or we will use a Viewable Dims: 144" diagonal, 125" x 70 flat screen (non inflatable)

NEW 400Watt amplified loud speakers to provide clear understandable speech, and a bold thumping movie experience.

Two DVD players are included. One primary, and one secondary for backup.

Free Microphone PA setup is included if needed for announcements.


****If any sign of moderate rain, or wind, we WILL cancel the Rental to protect our equipment!****

This equipment can also be setup in garage or inside if it can fit







  • Watch DVD, Blu-ray  or videos outside
  • Widescreen Progressive Scan for Theater Quality Video.
  • Great for kid partys
  • Great for Game Systems (Component, CRT Composite, or  S-Video connection only)
  • Rockband Tested!
  • 2.5 hour max rental
  • Cable TV (you provide cable box)
  • For $25 extra, we can make a Photo Montage on CD or DVD. You supply the digital pictures.

No blower noise like the cheapo screens.

HDTV Projector Screen size is 8 ft wide.

Projector Brightness (Lumens) : 1000 ANSI  

It needs to be dark outside to get the best picture.. 2-disk Progressive Scan DVD player. Component cable  connection. 2ea. 90Watt loud speakers. or new 400Watt speakers for larger events.


Recommended Movies

We recommend a move with a  1.78:1 or 1.85:1 aspect ratio. This information is on be back of the box. The video will fill the whole screen. 2.35:1 ratio will display a black bar on the top and bottom. This is not bad, and the movie is still enjoyable.  1.78:1 or 1.85:1 aspect ratio Just makes use of the whole screen.


Important Notes

Area must be 20 foot (min) wide for Screen, and Speakers.
20-25 feet infront of screen for Projector. You can also setup the projector behinde the screen (Rear Projection), but the video will not be as bright.

Total darkness is best. There must be no street /house lights in front of the screen or the light will reflect and wash out the video.

The Theater price is the same for 1 to 3 hours. After 3, extra charges may apply depending on our schedule.

Make sure sprinkers are turned off the day before.

Please police after your dog before the event.

If you have overhead trees, or uneven ground, please mention this before confirming.

Make sure your electrical plug is within 100 feet of theater site.

Prices do not include at least one EP Adult Attendant. If needed, add $20 per HOUR.
Attendant is included with Catering




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