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Party Rental and other items

Backyard / Outdoor Widescreen HD Theater

Now Renting  Back Yard Theater  <-- Click for more information

1) $250 for up to 4 hours for HD Projector, Inflatable Screen, 2 Loud Speakers
2) $150 for just the Screen, and Speakers. You provide the projector Player.
3) $310 + "Movie package",  #1 package, with popcorn machine catering, and supplies. Price depends on party size.

Super Oscillating 5ft Tall Misting Fan with 8 Gallon water tank.
Great for remote areas $75 where water hoses can't reach (must have electricity nearby).


Super Oscillating 6ft Commercial Misting fan Reduces ambient air temperature by as much as 30°F.
30 inch Diameter fan 8 Gallon water tank for 3-4 hours of operation


We can bring a 5-gallon bucket to fill with water if needed



Folding 6-foot table, $10 each.  

White plastic Chairs (Kids/Teens) $2.00 (This can break under heavy weight)

Black plastic Chairs (Teens/Adults) $2.00

Metal HD chairs (Adults) $2.50 ea.

Rent up to 10 Tables,

23 White Plastic Chairs

6 Black Plastic Chairs,

16 Metal Chairs


Snow Cone Machine Rental $65. You do the work.

See our snack catering page if you want us to do the work

Includes two snow cone flavors that will be good up to 50 people.

We drop off this easy to use snow cone machine with two flavors. You provide the ice, and a attendant. Each extra flavor is $5 each.

Or get 6 more flavors for $20 extra (8-total)

120V/220V  Power Generator $95+Tax with other Rentals. Runs 3 Moonwalk Blowers with ease.

Full Tank of Gas Included in Price.









  • Max AC Output: 8500 watts
  • Rated AC Output: 7000 watts
  • Current (120V/240VAC & 12VDC)
  • (2) 120v 20A 3-prong outlets (NEMA 5-20R 125 volts, 20 amps, 2 Pole, 3 Wire, single phase).
  • (1) 120v 30A twist lock (NEMA L5-30 125 volts, 30 amps, 2 pole, 3 wire, single phase).
  • (1) 120v/240v 30A twist lock (NEMA L14-30 125/250 volt, 30 amp, 3 pole, 4 wire, single phase).
  • Max Amps: (30+)
  • Low oil shutoff.
  • 16.0 Hp air cooled OHV engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.4 gal
  • Electric Key & EZ-Pull Recoil start.
  • Decibel: 69 dBA
  • Run-Time [ @ 50% Maximum Output ]: 8.0 hrs
  • 6 oz Popcorn Machine Rental $65 You do the work

    See our snack catering page if you want us to do the work.

    For groups under 30 people, 15 bags of premixed popcorn (salt,corn,oil) included.

    Larger groups: Popcorn and supplies not included. You can purchase large quanities at Sams Club. See sample links below.

    Act II Yellow Variety Popcorn - 50lb bag 800 total ounces. Good for 133 loads

    ACT IIŽ Popping and Topping Oil - 1 gallon jug

    Duro Bag Popcorn Bags - 500/1.5oz

    ACT IIŽ Buttery Popcorn Salt - 3 lb. 4 oz. jug

    * 1 oz equals 3/4th of a cup

    Toddler / Pre-School size Table and Chairs $15 for 4-Chairs, and 1 table (with other rentals $65+)

    Up to 4 Table/Chair sets

    With $65+ other Rental only or pay $20 delivery/Pickup Fee

     Fog Machines

    1. Faser  700Watt $55. Shoots thin layer of fog upwards.  (Dead)
    2. Low Lying Fog $75. Needs Dry Ice for low level fog (inside only)
    3. Skull Fogger $40. 700 Watt. Red Eyes.
    4. Radio Control $50. 700Watt. Fog on Wireless Command.
    5. 400Watt Fogger $30. Small Area.(Not Available


    • Low Lying Fog Machine. Indoor and single room use only.

    The American DJ Mister Kool is a low lying fogger that produces a dry ice effect.  This fogger uses standard fog juice and ice cubes to make such an amazing effect.This unit is designed to produce a ground fog effect to enhance dance floors, entry ways, and for halloween effects. Included with this unit is a timer remote control with manual or timer options. Water drainage valve system allows for easy cleanup. Water drains directly into the provided plastic bag.

    • $75 per day (Fluid included). Dry Ice not included. You can get it at HEB and Walmart.
    • To see our older model in action. Double Click HERE to see video.

     EZ Shelter / Canopy

    2. 3.

    1. EZ-UP 10X10 Comercial Style white Canopy
    Without Walls. $65
    With Walls $75
    You can get 1 of these
    2. EZ-Up 10X10 Canopy

    Like the brown one pictured, but Blue color
    Without Walls. $55
    With Walls $65

    3. 10X15 Canopy/Gazebo. Nicer tan color for formal events or for more shade
    Without Screen. $75
    With Screen $85

    Must metion with or without screen.

    Price includes delivery, and  we setup and takedown.

    Bubble Machine

    • Professional Bubble Machine
    • Produces Thousands of bubbles per hour
    • Remote timer, and shut on/off
    • Also Radio Control
    • A hit with the kids
    • $25 w/other rental or $35 by itself (Fluid included).
    • Double Bubble. Double your fun! $45 w/other rental
    • $65 by itself


    Balloon Service  

    • You pick the colors
    • Latex with Helium
    • 8 hour float time
    • Great party add-on
    • 12'' in size
    • $12 for 12 Balloons

    Only with other rental or service

    Carnival Games
    You attend, or we Attend for $20 per hour extra.

    Ducks in the Pond

    • $35 per day (No attendent)
    • Colorful eye catching inflatable pool.
    • Ducks will have symbols on bottom
    • You create the prize scale
    • Ducks will "float" in one direction
    • You supply prizes if you want
    • Water needed
    • Click HERE to view video

    Only with other rental or service

    Water Ring Toss

    • $35 per day (no attendent)
    • Colorful eye catching inflatable pool.
    • You create the prize scale
    • Target will "float" in one direction
    • You supply prizes if you want
    • Water needed
    • Click HERE to play video

    Only with other rental or service

    Bottle Ring Toss (you supply the soda bottles)

    • $15 For up to 45 Rings
    • You will need Coke Bottles. (full or empty). I suggest 30 to 50 bottles. These bottles are for example only 1 or 2 litter bottles are more idea.
    • They can have 5 chances, if they "ring" one, they can keep the coke or get a toy. (bottles or gifts are NOT included).

    Only with other rental or service


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